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CryptoTitties Win a Motorboat

Currently updating your 2018 Motorboating Race ONE. Coming Shortly!


Buy a new or second market Cryptotitty*


Enter the race by collecting Motorboat love


The more expensive your Cryptotitty last sold price is, the more it multiplies your Motorboat Love. Designed to go to the moon!


70% of all Motorboat Love goes to The Breasties charity.


The Cryptotitty with the most Motorboat Love Score wins 100ETH 30 days after all 144 Cryptotitties are sold and when the Motorboat Love raised 100ETH in charity for TheBreasties.org

Motorboat Love Score Example

*Any purchase from other marketplaces than cryptotitties.fun or opensea.io will need to pay a 10% fee based on their Cryptotitties Last Sold Price to enter the Motorboat Race.

Solidity Contracts & Prize Wallets

2018 ERC 721 Deployment

CryptOtitties Token

Motorboat Race Contract

Proxy Sales Contract

MotorBoat Prize Wallet

Breasties Charity Contract